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At Desmo Performance Parts we've selected the best Ergal Aluminium and Magnesium products available on the market. Available in different shapes and colors this are not purely cosmetic products. First, they're a considerable weight reduction on all the most important parts of your bike. Second you'll find that our products can save up to 30% on OEM prices.

You can choose all products in a range of colors and shapes to make them individual to your tastes and your bike. Anodization process is first class and we can also offer bespoke colors.

Please note Magnesium parts are not anodized, they have a special surface treatment which leaves a particular finish.

corone-portacorona-5-magnesio-black-red-nat-01 flangia-portacorona-star-5-fori-red-nat-blue-gold- flange-portacorona-red-titanio-black-nat-6 fori flangia-portacorona-spin-5-fori corona-portacorona-6-fori-gold gruppo-corona-spin-red-6-fori-portacorona-nat-01-1 coperchi-camme-motori-2v-02 carter-fase-1100-hyper-01-1280x855 dadi-cannotto-sterzo-red-nat-black-01 triple clamp dadi-monobraccio-01

CNC Aluminium Ergal/Magnesium

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